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Specializing in criminal defense, civil rights, and personal injury areas of the law, Matthew Scott Martin is an inventive, motivated, passionate and compassionate lawyer. Martin developed his extensive litigation and negotiation skills through over 32 years of legal practice in Colorado. Martin commenced his legal career as a Deputy District Attorney for six years in Pueblo, Colorado, where he learned how prosecutors think and act, a tremendous advantage when fighting to protect the rights of his accused clients. As a prosecutor, Matthew Scott Martin realized his passion was speaking up for people and protecting their constitutional rights and civil liberties. Martin entered private practice in January, 1987, focusing his practice in criminal and constitutional defense (felonies, drugs, homicide, sexual assault and DUI), civil rights (Section 1983; Title VII; police brutality; racial, national origin, gender and age discrimination; the First Amendment; and prisoners’ rights), and personal injury (wrongful death, auto accidents,slip and fall, medical malpractice). Matt Martin is committed to being the voice of human rights, speaking up against the government and corporations for those who cannot speak for themselves. Being a bulldog prosecutor trained Martin well to fight for his clients’ rights; he is not afraid to take on the government and governmental employees.


Client Testimonials

  • We very seldom have the opportunity to thank those who have impacted our lives. When someone gives you a “second chance” that person will forever be a part of your future. For our family that person is Mr. Matthew Scott Martin. Mr. Martin represented my son in a case that truly was a matter of life and death. We (my son and I) my put our faith, our lives and our future in Mr. Martin’s hands. We are here today due to the perseverance and dedication of Matthew Scott Martin. Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you. Someone that will fight for what you know is the truth. That person is Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin is a dynamic and dedicated attorney. His perseverance and dedication are becoming legendary in Southern Colorado. The day that I contacted Mr. Martin will be forever etched in my mind. He responded immediately (it was on a Sunday) and by the following Monday my heart was at ease. When you have one of the best you have public officials tell you that you attorney is “bad ass’. It is then that you know that you have best.

    Virginia Chacon

  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend Matthew Martin. He has represented me twice with outcomes in my favor. He has proven to be intelligent, hard working, and responsible. I very enthusiastically recommend him for any legal representation matter. His professional knowledge and judgment are excellent. He shows great competence and skill in his client/court interactions, and does not hesitate to ensure all matters are addressed thoroughly. His ethical conduct is above reproach, and he is well regarded by his colleagues. In summary, Matthew Martin is conscientious, caring, and intelligent. I give him my highest possible recommendation. He is constantly striving to give competent advice, and ensures proper action is taken. I am absolutely convinced that he will succeed in any situation that is put before him, and I recommend him to you without any reservation.

    John Lucero

  • This is a testimonial about the great job that Matt Martin did back in 2002, in my defense. I was falsely accused of 18 criminal counts as a result of an incident at Bishop Castle, in August of the same year. Matt Martin was highly recommended and I hired him to defend me. The case went to trial and the jury ruled not guilty on all charges. Thank you very much, Matt Martin!

    Jim Bishop
    castle builder

  • I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing and working with Attorney Matthew Martin over the course of seventeen years. I have had the opportunity to work with him as an expert witness for patients that were involved in motor vehicle collisions as well as the fact that I retained him as my attorney in a nasty “managed care” contract dispute. Many lawyers will advertise that they will “fight for your rights” but over the years I have seen many of these attorneys that I refer to as “paper tigers” ready to settle “out of court” on cases that had merits and should have been litigated. The real work for attorneys begins when they have to represent the client in court. Many of these paper tigers take the easy way out and make the “easy money” by taking out of court settlements that are not always in the best interest of their clients. This is not how Mr. Martin operates. I personally witnessed how he took on powerful high priced Insurance Company Attorneys in my contract case that lasted over three years. Mr. Martin did the hard work necessary to prove that the managed care contract was vague and confusing and ultimately we prevailed in court. Many other attorneys would not have touched this case. Mr. Martin won it. I am proud to say that Mr. Martin is my attorney and I would use him again if the need arose. He is a real trial attorney not a “paper tiger.”

    Tano E. Welch D.C.